Spring 2018 Course Schedule

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group A) [S-18-1]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group B) [S-18-2]

Allegories and Animal Farm [S-18-3]

American Predators: Wolves, Coy Wolves, Cougars and Jaguars [S-18-4]
Course Closed

Anchorage to Nome by Dog Sled [S-18-5]
Course Closed

Art for Beginners [S-18-6]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-18-7]

Birds of Northern New York [S-18-8]
Course ClosedCourse Update: "Birds of Northern New York" has been canceled for the rest of this semester (the presenter is dealing with the flu). Come back next spring when we hope to have at least one class session and the field trip.

Bringing Nature Home - This Spring! [S-18-9]

Canada in World War II [S-18-10]

Cards By You (Group A) [S-18-11]

Cards By You (Group B) [S-18-12]

Celebrating the Centenary of Flu Vaccine [S-18-13]

Chemistry for Survival and National Security [S-18-14]

Collecting Adirondack Rare Books [S-18-15]
Course Closed

Comic Book Writer and Illustrator: Sam Glanzman [S-18-16]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-18-17]

Creating a Net-Zero Solar Home [S-18-18]

Culinary Chemistry: Basic Concepts to Make You a Better Cook? [S-18-19]

Current Events [S-18-20]

Decluttering Tune-Up [S-18-21]

Defining Successful Aging: An Elusive Concept [S-18-22]

Double Crosser: My Life on the Run [S-18-23]

Drawing for Everyone [S-18-24]

Duplicate Bridge For Fun: Intermediate Level [S-18-25]

Exploring Our National Parks – Cave Resources [S-18-26]

Fitness for Optimal Aging [S-18-27]
Course Closed

Folk Songs [S-18-28]

Getting The Blues: Understanding Southern Culture via Delta Blues Music [S-18-29]

Great Year for Mars! [S-18-30]

Herkimer Diamonds, Everywhere! [S-18-31]

Let’s Make Sauerkraut and Kimchi! [S-18-32]
Course Closed

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 2) [S-18-33]
Course Update: No "Lewis and Clark..." on Thursday 5/17 (room is NOT available!) The last class will be on (NOTE!) WEDNESDAY, May 23, in Satterlee 120 at 9:00-10:30am.

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-18-34]

Mah Jongg [S-18-35]

Manners Matter [S-18-36]
Course ClosedCourse Update: Luncheon Menu, cost, location, parking info, etc. for "Manners Matter" is now listed on the course page. You can also download a .pdf flyer with all that new information. Don't forget to bring your $20 (check preferred)!

Modeling and Simulation with Computers [S-18-37]

Moon, Mars and More [S-18-38]

Mountain Biking For Seniors [S-18-39]
Course Closed

Musical Petting Zoo [S-18-40]

Native Peoples of Northern America: the Haudenosaunee of New York [S-18-41]
Course Closed

North Country Authors VII [S-18-42]

Punch Drunk and Dementia: A Modern History of Concussion, 1870-2012 [S-18-43]

Red Sandstone Trail at Hannawa Falls [S-18-44]
Course Closed

Red Sandstone Trail at Sugar Island [S-18-45]
Course Closed

Stress Reduction [S-18-46]

Tai-Chi - Short Form [S-18-47]

TAUNY's North Country Folk Instrument Project [S-18-48]

Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge [S-18-49]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers XXII [S-18-50]

Watercolor/Mixed Media Art Workshop: Intermediate Level [S-18-51]

Weaving Healing Wisdom [S-18-52]

What Makes a Memory? [S-18-53]
Course Closed

What the Heck is Reiki? [S-18-54]

World War II - Homefront Memories [S-18-55]

You Too Can Play the Harmonica [S-18-56]

YOUR Favorite Poems [S-18-57]


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