Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Aaron Burr: Patriot or Traitor? [F-18-1]
Course Closed

AARP Smart Driver Course [F-18-2]

American Predators II [F-18-3]
Course Closed

Archaeology at the John Brown Farm State Historic Site [F-18-4]

Art for Beginners [F-18-5]

Beginner’s Guide to the Biology of Parasites [F-18-6]

Beginning Ballroom Dancing [F-18-7]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-18-8]

Bird’s Eye View of Physics: From Galileo to String Theory [F-18-9]

Cardiovascular System Modeling and Control [F-18-10]

Caribbean Reefs through the Lens of a Diver Geologist [F-18-11]

Chemistry in Medicine [F-18-12]

Climate Change [F-18-13]
Course Closed

Computer Arithmetic [F-18-15]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-18-16]

Cracks in the Holes in the Fossil Record [F-18-17]

Creating Legacy Letters [F-18-18]

Current Events [F-18-19]

Dams of the Raquette River [F-18-20]
Course Closed

Devil in the White City [F-18-21]

Digestive Wellness and Healthy Aging [F-18-22]
Course Closed

Drawing for Everyone [F-18-23]
Course Closed

Duplicate Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [F-18-24]

Electric Cars: Easier and Cheaper Than You Think [F-18-25]

Exploring Patterns in Our DNA [F-18-26]
Course Closed

First Ladies [F-18-27]

Fitness for Optimal Aging [F-18-28]
Course Closed

Foreign Aid: Understanding the Debate [F-18-29]

Frederic Remington, the Sportsman [F-18-30]

From Fiber to Yarn [F-18-31]

Galaxies [F-18-32]
Course Closed

Genocide in the Modern World [F-18-33]

Holiday Traditions in December [F-18-34]
Course Closed

Introduction to the “State of Yo” [F-18-35]

Introduction to Yoga A [F-18-36]
Course Closed

Introduction to Yoga B [F-18-36]
Course Closed

Invasive Plant Species in the North Country [F-18-37]

Lactation of St. Bernard and the Renaissance Humanists [F-18-38]

Learning about Shakespeare’s Comedy in Performance: Much Ado about Nothing [F-18-39]
Course Update: SOAR members may attend the SUNY Potsdam performance of "Much Ado About Nothing," 11 a.m., Friday, November 16th, in the Proscenium Theatre in the Performing Arts Center. The director and actors will talk to the audience after this performance. Tickets not needed. (A donation will be collected.)

Line Dancing for Beginners [F-18-40]

Mah Jongg [F-18-41]

Medicalization of Society [F-18-42]

Memory and Human Rights in Chile [F-18-43]

More About Bats [F-18-44]

New Science of Stylometry [F-18-45]

Nomads in World History [F-18-46]
Course Closed

Our Carnivorous Ways [F-18-47]

Poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon [F-18-48]

Pulse of the Country: The 2018 Midterm Elections [F-18-49]

Racial Attitudes: Changing Expectations [F-18-50]

Secret Soldiers of the Civil War [F-18-51]
Course Closed

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [F-18-52]

Taking Internet Education & Medicine Resources Off the Web [F-18-53]

Tax, Estate, Financial Planning for the Elderly: Part I – Nursing Homes [F-18-54]
Course Closed

Three Obscure Award-Winning Musicals [F-18-55]

Tiffany Windows in Trinity Episcopal Church, Potsdam [F-18-56]

Trees and Shrubs of the North Country [F-18-57]

Tunes-R-Us [F-18-58]

20th Century American Women Writers [F-18-59]

Vicarious Voyagers XXIII [F-18-60]

Vintage Antique Jewelry and Coins [F-18-61]

Watercolor Workshop: Intermediate Level [F-18-62]

What Is a Bitcoin and What Does it Do? [F-18-63]
Course Closed

“Why don’t they just apply for citizenship?” [F-18-64]

Writing and Publishing Very Short Fiction [F-18-65]


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