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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Valentine Science Hall is an older science building on the east end of the SLU campus, across Park Street from the SLU sports complex. There is a large parking lot ("J" lot) a bit downhill and east of the building. After parking, follow the paved path at the BACK CORNER of parking lot "J" (see PARKING below) and walk up a small hill to Flint Hall. Enter Flint and open the door to the corridor and follow the corridor to the end of short hallway, past offices on the left, conference rooms and other small rooms on the right. Exit the corridor and go up the short (9 steps) flight of stairs to the main corridor in this part of the science complex. Turn left into the main corridor and enter the Valentine Hall section of the science complex. When you come to a set of stairs on you left, take them up one flight. Keep walking towards Park St. Turn right at corner. Valentine 202 (# is high on the door) is then on your right in the short corridor, the room is just before the palm tree windowed (enclosed) walkway connection to Bewkes Hall.

PARKING: Closest lot is "J" lot, just beyond the science complex. There is an entrance to the parking lot just past the science complex (i.e. across Park Street from the fieldhouse) and a second entrance to the "J" lot further on, from the service road. The first ten spaces nearer the science buildings in each row, i.e. those closest to the walkways up the hill, are reserved for faculty. To avoid getting a parking ticket, do NOT park in places marked for other vehicles (i.e. Faculty, Staff, Visitors). These require a sticker or pass. There is plenty of "open parking" (i.e. in unmarked spaces) where no parking sticker or pass is needed. These spaces are in "J" lot further away from the science buildings.

ACCESSIBILITY: There are 3 places marked for handicap parking right at the corner to the sidewalk (the one with a railing) leading up to Flint Hall. (NOTE: getting to this  classroom involves walking up/down a hill and using a short flight of stairs, a a flight of stairs to the second floor. and/or asking the secretary (office is at the end of the flint corridor, near the elevator) for the key to a small elevator. If you are unable to walk up/down a hill, or to do stairs, you can also enter the building at the loading dock. Walk in from Park Street, or have someone drive you in and drop you off. Follow the sidewalk/ramp up to loading dock level and enter Bewkes Hall at the first door you come to. Turn right into the first corridor; when you get to the elevator on the right, take it to the second floor; continue walking (away from Park St.). Turn right again at the "T" into the glassed-in corridor that leads back to Valentine Hall. Valentine 202 is then the first door on the left as you enter Valentine. There is also a handicap entrance where Bewkes Hall connects with Johnson Hall (the newly-built science building). Walk into the courtyard are between old and new buildings. The handicap entrance to Bewkes is under the second floor walkway between the buildings. Take the elevator on the right up to the second floor. Exit and walk straight through Bewkes to the second floor of Valentine Hall. Valentine is the first door on the left (near a potted tree!).

RESTROOMS: Restrooms are nearby in the main corridor of Valentine.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Valentine 202 is a smart classroom: ceiling-mounted digital projector; teacher's computer in podium, monitor, DVD and VCR, network input, USB port.

FURNISHINGS: fixed large-tablet chairs


NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to view the names of the buildings.

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