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NOTE 1: Link to the website listed above to view the clarkson University building locations and parking map.

NOTE 2: The Clarkson Hall building is downtown (not up on the hill). It is on Main Street, just past the sandstone building "Old Main." (Refer to the Google map below or the Clarkson parking map above for the exact location.)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Clarkson Hall (newer red brick U-shaped building which sits well back off Main St.) is part of the downtown Clarkson University campus The Ocupational Therapy (OT) Department is located in Clarkson Hall in the right wing (in the grey extension) on the first floor. As you face the building from Main St. walk into the courtyard and enter the first door on the right of the right wing. Turn right after you enter and walk all the way back (towards Main St.) to the end of the right wing through the doors. There are three levels in the OT section: "home," is on the below ground level; there's a car on the main/ground level, and a smart classroom on the upper level.

HANDICAP ENTRANCE: Someone with a disability can be dropped off on the (left wing) left-side of the building or at the back center entrance. From there, make your way to the center and from there over to the right win - and on to the very end to the OT Department. .

PARKING: Park on either side of Main Street and walk to Clarkson Hall. There is a small parking lot directly in front of the building, accessed from the driveway at the left of Clarkson Hall; it includes some handicap parking spots. If you follow the driveway in further, to the back of Clarkson Hall, turn right and parallel park in the driveway behind Clarkson Hall, or continue to drive to the large parking lot behind the Clarkson buildings closer to town (this far lot is also easily accessible from Pierrepont Ave). If you park closer to town in this lot, walk back up to Clarkson Hall and enter at the back center entrance - then left and then a right to walk back towards Main St. at far end .

ACCESSIBILITY: There are several handicapped parking places in the small lot in front of the building. If someone else is driving, continue driving, a handicapped person can be dropped of at the left side of the building at the breezeway, or around the corner in the middle section of the building, where there is a back entrance.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Equipped as a physical therapy place should be (work-out machines; therapy tables, etc.). The


ROOM CAPACITY: varies with the room being used; the fitness center with machines holds 10-15 people; the large open room holds many more.

NOTE: Use the Google map below to locate the downtown campus and Clarkson Hall

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