The Holocaust [S-17-32]

Presenter: Elun Gabriel
Location: SLU: Richardson 202
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Thu 2:15 PM 04/06, 04/13, 04/20
Status: Course Update: We are NOT going up to room 304 for "The Holocaust," we are going down to room 015 in in the basement of Richardson Hall. Use the outside steps that face the chapel (or the ramp on the front side if coming from lot H), 015 is the classroom at the end of the corridor (and it also has "comfy" seats!). SLU time for our Friday classes: 2:20-3:50.

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This course will provide an overview of the origins and course of the Holocaust, covering briefly the history of European anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism and the character and policies of the Nazi state in peacetime (1933-39). We will devote most of our attention to the events of the war era (1939-45): the invasion and occupation of Poland, the ghettoization of Jews, the mass murder of “undesirables” of all sorts, the development of the Final Solution, and its implementation through mass killing, forced labor, and the extermination camp system.

Elun Gabriel is a scholar of modern European history, with a research focus on Germany during the imperial era (1871-1918). He teaches courses on 19th and 20th century Europe, World War I, the Holocaust, and genocide, as well as Weimar and Nazi Germany.

LINK: to a list of optional readings on “The Holocaust”

Cap: 30

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