Environmtal Activism at SUNY Canton [F-17-27]

Presenter: Rajiv Narula
Location: SUNY Canton: Payson 219
Additional Locations:SUNY Canton: Roos House: Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center (CARC)
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Tue 2:30 PM 09/12, 09/19

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Learn about two new environmental initiatives taken at SUNY Canton, first by attending a brief classroom talk each day, and then by taking an outside tour of these new facilities with Rajiv and his students. There will be ample time for discussion, and for question and answer sessions before, during and after each tour.

NOTES: 1) Each day we start in the classroom: Payson Hall 219, joining with Rajiv’s students who will accompany us on our tours; 2) Wear walking shoes (we may have to walk about a mile outside). VIEW this location and the PARKING LOCATIONS under the "LOCATIONS" tab for details. (see below)

Session 1: TOPIC: Butterfly Garden. Pollinators like bees and butterflies play an extremely important role in our lives. Without them, our survival is at stake. Close to 90% of the world’s plants rely on pollinators for fertilization and reproduction — including almost all the plants we use for food. How can we preserve these declining pollinators? Take a tour of the “Bee and Butterfly Pollinator Garden” and find out.

Session 2: Composting Facility:  All biodegradable waste from SUNY Canton campus was going into landfills where it produced methane, thus contributing to global warming. Transporting the waste off site and buying and transporting inorganic fertilizers and soil amendment for the campus required both energy and resources. The Environmental Change Organization (ECO Club), formed in Spring 2015, proposed creating a composting site on campus. SUNY Canton now has an open-air aerobic composter facility. Take a tour of the composting facility.

(SEE PARKING NOTES BELOW)  (check back for more details befor you set out for these two classes!)

NOTES on Parking at SUNY Canton: In order NOT to get a ticket, hang your SUNY Potsdam parking permit on your review mirror - just as you do when on the SUNY Potsdam Campus. Park in the lot nearest to our outside location of the day.  Day 1 Park in Lot #7; Day 2 Park at the rear of CARC (Convoation, Athletic and Rrecreation Center - also known as "Roos House" - view also the "Roos House" location which is also listed under "LOCATIONS")MORE DETAILS comin ON THE LOCATION PAGEs with some photos as well.

Rajiv Narula came to North Country in Fall 2005. He received his doctoral degree in Environmental Engineering from Clarkson University in May 2011, and is now teaching Environmental Studies at SUNY Canton. Rajiv helped start the “Environmental Change Organization,” a student run environmental club. He also coordinated the establishment of the two new facilities mentioned above.


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