Art for Beginners [F-17-6]

Presenter: Sally Kirby, Janice Pease
Location: SUNY: Satterlee 225
Classes: 8 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Fri 10:00 AM 09/15, 09/22, 09/29, 10/06, 10/13, 10/20, 10/27, 11/03

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Introducing a new art course! This beginning course is for those people who are new to watercolors, or for those who need to build confidence in their skills.

NOTE - NEEDED SUPPLIES for the first painting class:
  Large sketch pad

  Kneaded eraser (Don't know what a "Kneaded eraser is? Follow this LINK to a wikipedia definition)

  General Drawing Pencil Set #10 (The SLU bookstore has 2 sets; check also at the SUNY Potsdam store in Barrington Student Union (or purchase online - "google: "General Drawing Pencil set #10).   If you can't get the set, bring what you have - preferably 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils).

(Any other needed supplies will be announced in class.)

Sally Kirby is a longtime weaver and an accomplished watercolorist. For many years, she was an active participant in Leon LeBeau’s art workshop classes.

Water color instruction will be provided by SUNY Potsdam art student, Emma Kline.



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